Soorma Movie Review | Diljit Dosanjh | Taapsee Pannu | Angad Bedi

Soorma Anthem


A drag flick that might have missed the trick


Ishq Di Baajiyaan
Soorma is inspired by a true life story of the India Hockey Player and ex captain Sandeep Singh.

What’s good:
1. The story is incredible in itself and a big star like Diljit in main lead makes it a decent watch overall.
2. Diljit Dosanjh and Angad Bedi are amazing. Angad Bedi portrays the character of brother of Sandeep Singh and was flawaless as he played an important role in the movie. He has put a lot of effort and that was evident.
3. Vijay Raaz : This guy continues to shine bright and yet another awesome performance by him. He undoubtedly was the best part of the movie. Everytime he come on screen, he will make you smile and few moments were “Seetimaar” moments.

What’s Bad:
1. Predictability : Biographies are always a challenge to make and adding unpredictability is even more challenging. We felt that Soorma was overly predictable and except few Vijay Raaz moments there was no Seetimaar moment in the movie. Comparing with the likes of ‘Dangal’ ‘Dhoni’ and ‘Bhaagh Milkha Bhaagh’ thistle movie is little weak and hugely predictable moments is the main reason for the same.
2. Editing and Storytelling
The movie sees an average editing and the pace of the script is uneven.  The training sequences are well shot but as audience you are left carving for more from the actual matches.
Overall this movie is a one time watch especially for Diljit Fans. It could have been more crisp as a Sports film as we were left desiring for more as Diljit as well as Hockey fans.

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