Spiderman Homecoming | Movie Review in less than 100 words

Spiderman Homecoming
The 'trainee' Spidey story is refreshing of sorts

What’s Good?

1. The cute, young ‘trainee’ Spider man is entertaining to watch with the  “traditional humour” of the Marvel world.
3. The Iron man moments and the whole connection to Avengers universe is exciting.
4. The techno-amazing Spidey suit is new and amazing to experience.

What’s bad ?
1. Predictability of the story.
2. Same old shaky action sequences.

Some way or the other we compare every Spider man to ‘Tobey McGuire’ version. It was indeed the best Spidey movie series ever, and we are still in love with it.  “Homecoming” though is a bit different and refreshing.

Though Marvel quietly tries to squeeze this version of Spider man in the Marvel Universe, but it works well. The way it is showcased is unlike any other Spidey movie, no “Biting of Spiders”, no “Uncle Ben” moments. It is all fresh and new to experience.

Overall, you can watch it as it is entertaining, we liked it, may be not as a hardcore Spiderman fan but as a Marvel fan.

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