Spotlight Movie Review

Spotlight Movie Review

Masterclass in film making


In 2002 a group of honest journalists from Boston Globe worked on the cases of child sexual abuse by the catholic church priests and brought them to light. They also highlighted the involvement of the law and order system in these cases and encouraged many more victims to come out.

Spotlight is the name of a  small team of the investigative journalists who are assigned this article. The movie is directed by Tom McCarthy who is known for his films The Visitor and as the writer of Up.

The films setup is simple and realistic, the treatment and the screenplay is what is the winning factor.

The Good:

  1. The screenplay for a film where you already know what is going to happen, but it still keeps you hooked.
  2. The acting be it Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Mark Ruffalo, Live Schreiber or any other actor they have imbibed the characters perfectly and kept the proceedings real.
  3. The subject of the film, a very sensitive issue handled with utmost care and since it is a true story the who atmosphere has been kept quite true.
  4. The belief in the power of the media if used correctly can bring down empires.

The Bad:

  1. If only you are looking for some unreal entertainment you might not like it, this is a piece of life.

The bottom line:

This is a film for the lovers of the craft of filmmaking, it teaches you how to keep your audience involved with the proceedings even when they know the conclusion. It is the journey you must take, as there are many more messages for the society and the mankind.

Despite having a huge star cast none of the actors try to overshadow the subject. The story is the hero and the director is the showrunner. Most of the proceedings are indoors of the Boston Globe small room where Spotlight runs from. The story also deals with the invasion of the internet and the triumph of the publishing media due to the connect.

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