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Sui Dhaaga


Sui Dhaaga – Movie Review

Sui Dhaaga
Sab Badhiya Hai

The narration and performances makes this predictable movie a treat to watch.

 What’s Good:

1. Narration/Direction : Heart warming way to portray an inspiring story. As we said it is highly predictable but the way Storytelling is designed it will touch the right strings in your heart.
The screenplay is tailored so beautifully that you will smile through out the movie without needing a break.
2. Performances: Varun Dhawan is at the Pinnacle of his career and post ‘October’ this movie is another attempt which is way different than his stereotypical seetimaar movies, and boy he has mastered the role with perfection.
Anushka Sharma is also leaving an impact with her shy yet confident portrayal of a small town girl.

Raghubir Yadav is the pick of the lot. He has nothing to prove as an actor and lands the right chords in ‘ Sui Dhaaga’ as well.
3. Length of the movie: The movie is only 122 minutes long. These 2 hours will pass like a smooth string through a needle. You would not crave for a break and enjoy every bit of the movie.

What’s Bad:

For Sui Dhaaga’, this section is irrelevant. We should call it “What could be Better ?”
Every movie has moments which can be glorified, moments that can be tailored to stitch multiple emotions together. ‘Sui Dhaaga’ has many such moments. The director Sharat Katariya has kept it simple, may be on purpose.
There were so many moments where you would want to cheer and whistle out loud but the simplicity in direction would let you just enjoy that scene and then move to the next scene.
Overall, it is a predictable story but imensely enjoyable and a must watch.

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