Suicide Squad Review | Don’t trust the Critics, this one is a MUST WATCH !!

Suicide Squad Review | Don’t trust the Critics, this one is a MUST WATCH !!

Suicide Squad is a parallel story in the Gotham city wherein the US Govt Officials recruits criminals with special powers to save the city from the evil. Here are our details of the Suicide Squad Review:

Suicide Squad
Kick Ass Super Hero Entertainer

What’s Good?
The action. Special Effects and the visuals. It is stunning the movie on the Big screen. It’s a treat for any movie goer.
4 stars out of 5 for the Visuals

What’s Better?
The concept of bad guys doing the good stuff. It is really hilarious to see such stuff on screen. Although the concept is an exact copy of the comic series but it is an art to direct it flawlessly.
4.5/5 to Storytelling

What’s Best ?
Harley Quinn
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, the Joker’s Girlfriend is Awesome. It is most difficult to play that role. The character is suppose to Over Act and Robbie has executed that too perfection. She will make you smile in every scene. She is now the QUEEN of Villains.
5 stars out 5 to Harley Quinn

What’s Bad?
Will Smith
Don’t take us in a wrong way, we are not questioning his capabilities. But well, he is not actually bad in a sense that he acted badly, rather he has been wasted. A star of his caliber doesn’t deserve such a role. At least for us his character failed to leave a mark and we blame that on the casting directors.
2.5 stars out 5 for wasting Will Smith

What’s worse?
Batman and Joker
Somehow the new Bruce Wayne just doesn’t click and that too since Batman vs Superman earlier this year. Same is the case with the new Joker in this film. May be it is becoming impossible for us to overcome Nolan’s epic charcters from Dark knight.
2 stars out of 5 for Batman and Joker

What’s worst?
Nothing new. The same old boring predictable end. No twists within the story as well. It all restricts to just action, comedy and visuals which are not enough.
1.5 star out of 5 for Predictability.


This one is a Must WATCH, especially for the fans of Super Hero movies. It is not as EPIC as “Man of Steel” or “Avengers” but would not disappoint you. Please watch it only in Theaters !!

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