Superstition | Netflix | Review

Superstition | Netflix | Review
Superstition is a horror drama series that revolves around the Hastings family. They run a funeral home in a mystic town of La Rochelle, Georgia. The family also protects the town from the supernatural evil powers. The head of the family Isaac Hastings is an immortal of more than 700 years of age, fighting against infernal powers. He trains his son, Calvin Hastings to carry on his legacy. How this father-son duo put up fight against the evil world is the main plot of the series. You will find a lot of similarities with Supernatural season. In the first episode, they even make a reference to Supernatural “Sam and Dean’s” arsenal in their car trunk, which is a kind of acknowledgement.
Few of the sequences are quite vague and unsettling to the mind.

Though the concept is a little different but it fails to intrigue us. There is unintentional comedy in between scenes which is to mock on.

The direction, screenplay, script, sets and the gloomy sequences are big turn offs for this one. Mario Van Peebles’ acting was also not able to save the series.

You can skip on it.

We rate it 2.5/5.

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