Tanu Weds Manu Returns Movie Review

Tanu Weds Manu Returns – Kangana Rocks !!!
The 2011 Tanu Weds Manu was a surprise hit and it marked director Anand L Rai’s desi touches to Bollywood love stories as a fresh change. This continued in a big way to his next venture Raanjhnaa and with Tanu Weds Manu Returns again he is back in the game with additional regional flavor of Haryanvi. The real hero in the film is Kangna Ranaut for her impeccable portrayal of the Sports quota student from Jhajjar, more on that later.
I somehow found the movie a little inconsistent compared to the prequel. The reality touches are diminished with the constant illogical inputs. So this one is not that wholesome but it does provide you entertainment and you will not regret buying a ticket.
The movie starts with a song from “Ram teri Ganga maili” and what you watch is something like a ‘shaadi ka video’ that is produced for every Indian marriage.  And the bride and groom in the video are presented as the Bollywood movie stars. Post the opening titles you find Tanu and Manu, now married for four years and are in front of a British Mental Asylum doctors. Really? Is that how marriage issues are dealt in UK???
But for the sake of the cinematic liberty let’s move forward, Manu is instantly taken in as a patient due to his behavior. Tanu leaves him and returns to India, but she does inform his friend Puppy about Manu’s situation and asks him to get him out of there.
Tanu is exploring her old adventures (Batman Legends as described by a new interesting character in the movie). Meanwhile Manu is taken out by Puppy and returns to India, furious with the wife he sends a legal notice to her, but instantaneously falls for a look alike Datto (The most powerful character of the movie). While Tanu meets her old flame Raja, and thereafter the story takes so many turns where Datto also agrees to marry Manu. These unreal scenarios prevent you from feeling for the characters In spite of the real settings in the movie.
Tanu finds out about this and decides to intervene and what happens next is probably anyone can guess.
Deepak Dobriyal as Puppyji definitely provides some comical relief and there are certainly some LOL moments but in later parts he also seems to be over stretched. Madhavan as Manu is earnest but is too underplayed in order to showcase the two Kangnas.
The real star is Datto, a character that is played by the same Kangna who is playing Tanu but she is transformed, not only physically but also in the attitude as well as dialect that you will be compelled to see them as two different actors.
The songs in the movie are just fine. 
The new interesting character of Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub starts with a bang with a couplet about UP’s towns but ends up becoming a loud, screaming for attention by the end. Rest of the brilliant cast is just restricted to the basics.
There is also a forced attempt to give some messages, which sounds as preachy as It can be.

Overall the regional culmination makes TWMR relatable, and the crackling lines delivered by Datto and Puppyji makes the movie worth the money. Go and watch it for the Kangana and the desi feel, but please keep the logic cap away.

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