Terminator Genisys Movie Review

Terminator Genisys – Arnie is back
Terminator Genisys
Rating ***1/2
I am a fanboy of the series and I may sound a little biased in some ways. Terminator series is one of the best sci-fi genre movies that had been produced in the history of cinema. I started the series by watching the second movie in the franchise ’Judgment Day’ on VCR at a friend’s place, back in early nineties,. We were a gang of five and we all were awestruck by the amazing technological special effects of the movie as well as the time travel storyline. The action sequences were something we had never seen in the Hindi movies that we had watched till that time. We instantly became fans of the man playing the Terminator Arnold  despite of the fact that we had bit of struggle trying to pronounce his last name correctly. Anyways later I did watch the prequel that released in 1984 and was also amazed by the superb story and Artificial Intelligence capabilities showcased in the franchise. Post that the third movie was watchable but the fourth one ‘Salvation’ didn’t have Arnie and was very boring.
Thinking machine is what today’s biggest quest and the everyday updates from Google and Microsoft kind of organizations it doesn’t seem pretty far in the future that we might have such an intelligent machine.

Well that’s about the backdrop, the new movie has a lot of things going for it, Arnie is back, Emilia Clarke (Khaleesi from Game of Thrones) is cast as Sarah Connor, add to it Jai Courtney and Jason Clarke you have an interesting ensemble to watch for. Also there is the Korean superstar Lee Byung-hun to sizzle up the screen.
The story takes the same route initially, the AI Skynet has taken over the world and is working on eliminating the humans, The resistance is led by John Connor. The Skynet sends a machine back in time to kill Sarah Connor mother of John Connor, while John sends back his confidante Kyle Reese to save her, Till here the original movie lovers will feel like familiar, What happens next is something that produces a parallel timeline and the sci-fi diggers will get more fodder to ponder and discuss upon.
The character of Sarah Connor is played strongly by Emilia Clarke and you will definitely draw parallels with Linda Hamilton. Lee shines in a small role he has and does give you some chills as the liquid metal T-1000. Jason Clarke and Jai Courtney both play there part ably, but the shine of the movie is Arnie, his grin as a machine trying to blend in, is hilarious and in his own words ‘he is old but not obsolete’.
The relationship between T-800 and Sarah is the highlight of the movie. The sets are bigger, the special effects are advanced and the action sequences are thrilling all that you want from your sci-fi action film is there. The soundtrack is superb. Go and have a blast, watch it if you are in for a big guns blowing experience.

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