The Jungle Book | Movie Review | This one is a MUST WATCH!!!

The Jungle Book | Movie Review | This one is a MUST WATCH!!!

The Jungle Book
Mowgli got the right upgrade without losing the heart.


The film based on the celebrated children’s stories authored by Rudyard Kipling, is more fondly remembered by the Indian kids of the 90s as the Sunday morning cartoon show, and is a treat.

Since the time the trailer was revealed the film had been in lime light due to the astonishingly amazing visuals. And whatever the Jungle Book promised it has delivered.

The Plot

Do we really have to go through this, Mowgli is a boy raised by a pack of wolves and he feels he belongs to the jungle. However, there is Sharekhan the tiger who wants to kill him, for he is a human. There are Mowgli’s companions apart from the wolves the black panther Bagheera, the friendly, honey loving giant, bear who guide him and teach him the survival as well as protect him.

The Good

  1. The story is definitely the crux of the film, the emotional bond between the animals and the human boy is heart warming.
  2. The CGI, incredible job by the technical team for pulling off the photorealistic computer generated creatures at this scale probably for the first time in the movie history. Not for a second you feel that these are not real.
  3. The atmosphere, again the production team to be applauded for the level of detail in showing the beauty of the jungle on one hand as well as creating scary adventure out of it on the other.
  4. The voice over, to listen to everyone from Sir Ben Kingsley as Bagheera, to Scarlett Johansson as the seductive python Kaa is quite an experience. But I think Bill Murray steals the show as Baloo.
  5. It also has a hidden message wrapped around the adventurous story telling, and it is beautiful.

The Bad

  1. I felt that though Neel Sethi has an innocent charm but the emotional scenes could have derived some more expression out of him, that should be overlooked as its his first film, and quite a challenging one for the little kid.

The Verdict

Despite a known story and characters the film is a treat and will keep you hooked all the time to the screen. There is fun, adventure, drama fantastic visuals what more could you ask for? A must-watch for everyone. I am sure there will be sequel as Mowgli has just started.

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