The Transporter: Refuelled | Movie Review

The Transporter: Refuelled | Movie Review

Rating ***

The Transporter movies have always been synonymous with action Star Jason Statham, however since the ‘Stath’ has moved on in his career with other franchises like the Expendables and recently done Furious 7, the series seems to have taken a reboot in the form of the transporter: Refuelled.

And thus watching this movie which has a very interesting plot and some very good fight sequences you miss the original transporter a lot.

The new driver in the seat Ed Skrein is playing Frank Martin – a transporter who couriers anything for a good price, no questions asked. He has a background in services that allows him to deal with people with questionable credentials. He is hired by a group of femme fatale who are on their mission to do some damage to a crime boss.

Ed is competent as the ruthless driver who wears a suit and has some furious driving skills. The plot of the movie is quite interesting as you might end up thinking who is the real protagonist in the movie? Also since the storyline involves Frank Martin Sr. (Ray Stevenson) as the father of our beloved driver this one does take a personal turn.

Though a lot of the characters in the movie do not connect much and the humane side of the character does not come out in the way it should. Hence the movie becomes much of a action bonanza with a plotline that had a lot of potential.

Still you do not need to be much disappointed as the twists and turns do play well and the action sequences do pay you worth the ticket money.

Director Camille Delamarre has credits of editing the Transporter 3 and Taken 2 movies, and that’s not a very impressive one but still this one is a fun movie to watch for and looking at the landscape set out for Statham, new people should be given chances to take on the baton.

Watch it if action is your genre, this one has a lot to offer. Stay away if you cannot imagine anyone other than Statham behind the wheels.

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