Tiger is back – Salman Khan – YRF Spy Universe

Tiger is back – Salman Khan – YRF Spy Universe

Tiger is back

Post the super successful come back of Shah Rukh Khan with Pathaan in January this year and maintaining his streak with Jawan in September, it is time for Salman to take the spotlight. Tiger 3 pre-teaser message dropped this morning. To be honest it is just a perfect message inadvertently kind of a message from Salman himself, “Jab tak Tiger mara nahi, tab tak Tiger haara nahi”.

The hype of the YRF Spy Universe is super high and another chance to have a glimpse of nation’s two of the most successful and loved stars to share the screen once again is so attractive.

Tiger franchise also boasts of a great female spy in Katrina Kaif’s character Zoya. Though she is missing in the “message” as of now but given her strong characterization in the previous outings it is also one of the major reason for the buzz around this film.

Lastly but not the least Emraan Hashmi playing the full blown negative role in this film seems like a trump card. If it comes near to what John Abraham did as Jim in Pathaan, it is going the take the Spy universe a notch higher.

Director Maneesh Sharma, although better known for his Rom-Coms shows some very slick action shots in the trailer. Lest we forget he did the underrated thriller Fan.

Overall with the hope of seeing Hrithik, SRK and Salman together in the same frame will definitely pull people to the theater. Cant’ wait for the teaser/trailer and the actual film now.

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