Tubelight | Movie Review | Is this Big Salman Movie Worth it?

Tubelight | Movie Review | Is this Big Salman Movie Worth it?

The tubelight of entertainment


When you have a screenplay that depends on narration to tell you the background, you know you are not watching a movie but hearing some tale. More so, if the tale does not seem to have much of a story but mere interactions between characters about whom we are not sure why do they exist, the experience of watching such a movie can be harrowing.

Tubelight, is one such movie. A film that is just like its name. It takes forever for you to entertain or even give the clarity about the plot and finally when the movie ends, you realize, there was never one.

The film lacks script, the direction is haywire and often you feel that Salman is trying to resurrect his real life misdemeanors with reel life stupidity. So, you have him play Laxman, a naïve idiot who does not understand the practical world and whose mistakes would appear “cute” to you. And then you have an avoidable and unnecessary cameo by Shahrukh so that both the fan camps can be united saying Bhai Vs Khan is over now. A kiss-and-hug that everyone was waiting?

Tubelight falls short on multiple fronts, even small technicalities like the cycle which a poor boy, who cannot afford new shoes, is replaced with a new one when the chain breaks and Tubelight Laxman cannot mantle the chain.

Director Kabir Khan needs to get over the “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” theme of showing fighting neighbors and transporting people across the border then some holier-than-thou soul resuscitating them. Even the background music of the movie reminds one of “Chicken Kuk-Doo-Koo” from Bajrangi Bhaijaan running.

The underlying theme of the film that intentions and trust have a huge role to play in achieving what one wants, has been presented very shabbily bordering on the lines of miracles being thrown every now and then what with bottles moving without touching, or earthquakes happening by mere intention, even the Indo-China war comes to halt as Laxman aka Tubelight so intends.

At multiple points, the film lacks pace and continuity and drags unnecessarily. Action was an avoidable aspect in the film given odd placement in the script which serves no purpose at all to the overall plot which is anyways very minimalistic. This would have been a 45 minutes film which has been dragged to 2.5 hours.

So, you can always save your money by not watching the movie and do something else for entertainment, as this Tubelight won’t entertain you.


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