Udta Punjab| Does it fly high enough ??? Check out the movie review

Udta Punjab| Does it fly high enough ??? Check out the movie review

Udta Punjab
It starts to fly high but falls flat

Udta Punjab is out today, and here is our review.

It is pretty evident as to what the movie is all about, DRUGS, the problem of drugs in the state of Punjab.The director of the movie has tried to run number of parallel stories around the subject and then merge them together towards the end.

What’s Good??

  • First 30 minutes (Rating 3.5/5): The build of the movie is the most enjoyable. Starting from the very first scene which is amazingly funny. Introduction of each character has been done in a very creative way and you start enjoying the sequences. But after the first 30 minutes the focus shifts on the drug problem of the state and that’s where the movie loses its grip and you start to yawn.
  • Satish Kaushik (Rating 3.5/5) : He has a cameo in the movie, sort of a guest apperance. But our very own “Calendar”, would make you smile everytime.
  • Diljith (Rating 3.5/5): Effortless acting at its best. He is a super star in Punjab, a cinema known for its loudness and craziness in the movies. The role that Diljith has in the movie i exactly opposite. He delivers the character of a clam police officer with ease. Welcome to Bollywood, Sir !.

What’s Better??

  • Shahid Kapoor (Rating 4/5) : This man has reached the pinnacle of acting. It all started with ‘Kaminey’, then ‘Haider’ and now ‘Udta Punjab’. He is just amazing in the movie. Every time he would come on-screen he would make you smile, clap and even make you whistle out loud with his performance.

What’s The best??

  • Alia Bhatt (Rating 5/5) : Unbelievable but true ! Alia steals the limelight from all in the movie. Her ‘girl from Bihar’ avatar feel leave you awestruck. From the first time she delivers a dialogue in her Bihari accent till the last scene, she is flawless. She is untouched queen of Bollywood. It is hard to swallow that the ‘Student of the Year’ diva can actually take up such roles and deliver them to perfection, but she proved everyone wrong in ‘Highway’ and now she is scaling high to become one of the finest female actors in Bollywood.

What’s Bad ??

  • Kareena Kapoor (Rating 2.5/5): She has a forgettable role. There are always some roles in every movie which you feel could have been done by just anyone and it never needed a known STAR in such a small, ‘not-so-important’ character. Kareena’s doctor avatar is the same story. She is acted decently but doesn’t leave a mark.

What’s Worse ??

  • Length of the movie (Rating 2/5) : 2 hours 30 minutes  and the Director had no idea how to move the story forward. Some scenes feel stretched unnecessarily, and you would start to yawn pretty early in the movie.

What’s Worst ??

  • Climax (Rating 1/5) : If you plan to sit through a 2.5 hours movie hoping it to end well, ‘Udta Punjab’ is here to disappoint you. The team in the making had no idea how to end the movie. It is not Open-ended to make you think as to what could have happened, and nor it is ending at satisfying conclusion. It just ENDS.. and that’s it !!

Watch it or NOT


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