Veere Di Wedding | A Hit or a Miss.. !!

Veere Di Wedding is a yet another plotless story of 4 young urban women who are best of friends. We didn’t go to the movie with any expectations. Since the star cast of the movie included Sonam Kapoor, the idea seemed to be more of a fashion show and less of a movie. And yes Veere Di Wedding is everything — bold, fashionable, beautiful locations, fairly abusive; but sensible.

The movie does not boast about feminism at all. It is just about how 4 independent young women are bonded like bros ‘Veeres’. The conversations that happen between these four are something which we all do with our friends. That is why maybe the youth is liking it more. They are able to relate with it more than some of the older folks. There is a lot of swearing in the movie which we all do but that does not call for promotion. The story line is all around the common teenage notions that how marriage is stupid, friendship is the like oxygen and cigarettes are stress-busters. We all must have gone through that in our teenage, but have outgrown it.

The only thing we loved about the movie was Swara Bhasker. Leave apart the unnecessary cussing, her acting was the best from the lot. Kareena didn’t get to utilize her talent much. Sonam Kapoor was not worth watching and Shikha Talsania was ok in her role. Also we think Sumit Vyas’s skills got wasted in such a small role.

We think its a miss!

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