Warcraft is winning GOLD on China Box Office, Read How!!!

Warcraft is winning GOLD on China Box Office, Read How!!!

About Orcs And Humans



Video games based movies have largely been unsuccessful for long, be It the Tomb Raider franchise or the more recent Battlefield, Hollywood has mostly failed in terms of giving us an entirely entertaining video game franchise. Yet it has not stopped trying, and this time they have taken up the task of bringing on to the silver screen arguably one of the most played games in the world, Warcraft.

Directed by the critically acclaimed director Duncan Jones known for his sci-fi genre Moon and Source Code, Warcraft is a thoroughly well-crafted film. With the characters well etched out and multiple layers of conflicts the film works for even the non-gamers.

The Plot

The orc’s world is destroyed and in order to save their kind they resort to Gul’dan’s magic poral that takes the warriors to the human world of Azeroth. But is it really a good thing to destroy someone else’s world In order to survive yours? Azeroth is protected by King Liane, who has faith in his guardian of the world Midivh.

The Good

  1. The story, it is true to the origin of the game, however it just doesn’t rely on the war and action, but takes time to establish the inner conflicts of the two sides.
  2. The scale of the film is huge and it does capture the grandiose of the celebrated game.
  3. There is input of humor throughout the film, that keeps the viewer interested.
  4. The action and CGI is fantastic and you would love all the fight sequences and magical beings.

The Bad

  1. There are quite a lot of questions that are raised throughout the film, not each one of those are answered.
  2. Some people might have issues due to so much in the story about the orcs and they been given equal or more time as humans.

The Verdict

Overall the Warcraft film tries to establish a franchise quite successfully while giving the viewers satisfactory closure for a standalone film.


The film has taken a record opening in China for four day total $145 million.

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