Wazir | Movie Review

Wazir | Movie Review

A good movie that lacks Perfection

— Story
— Performance of each of the star.
— Neil Nitin Mukesh, yes you read it right. He comes as a surprise in his cameo yet leaves an impact.

— Direction: Although the movie is NOT slow and keeps the grip but we still feel that the direction could have been slightly better.

Watch or Not?: Definitely worth a watch.

Danish(Farhan Akhthar) is a cop who has a lovely sweet family, a beautiful wife and a sweet daughter. In a panic move, Danish loses his daughter during a shootout with terrorists.

Danish and his wife Ruhana(Aditi Rao) start living seperately and Danish also tries to kill himself out of depression.

Pandit Ji(Big B) enters their life and then the turn of events starts. Danish gets a new mission to help Pandit Ji who had also lost his daughter recently but in mysterious circumstances.

This new mission unfolds a set of mysteries which puzzle Danish all the way. Will he be able to solve the puzzles and also help Pandit ji keeps you at the edge till the end of the movie.

Wazir rides sky high on story line and the movie keeps its pace and grip for the entire length of 2 hours.

Big B and Farhan looked fabulous in their characters. Aditi Rao looks stunningly beautiful as always, but the biggest surprise was Neil who rocked in his cameo. At the end we wished we could have seen more of him in this movie.

Movie surely lacks perfection, may be because the director attempts to run two stories in parallel that too within a short span of 2 hours. But at the end it all made sense which makes WAZIR a must watch.

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