What the poster/logo says? — SRK Anushka’s next

What the poster/logo says? — SRK Anushka’s next

​First things first… Lets be sure that it does not says is the title of the movie.. Rumours are that the name is “The Ring”. Fillumdekho analyses the first look of SRK Anushka starrer movie slated for 2017 release.

There were lots of tweets exchanged between SRK, Salman, Alia at the first look online launch. Being Imtiaz Ali movie, it would be romantic with twists, we are sure about it. The release date decided by sallu bhai is 11th august which is a celebration week in India with Rakshabandhan and Independence day lined up, which suggests that it could be a feel good family entertainer. 

Coming to the closer view of first look, in the background we can see names of different cities of Europe which suggests that travel would certainly be a part of script. A wall with Graffiti could be a major location in the film. Anushka can be seen enjoying, she seems to be loving her days, which indicates that she could be the one travelling around the world. The picture also has seal of republic of portugal, seems like a stamp of Portuguese visa. 

Now certainly there will be a twist in the movie. Well, SRK is looking and following her in a calm and composed manner with a sweet smile. Is Anushka aware of his presence?

There is one more line “what you seek is seeking you”. May be their love story involves mishappening with SRK. She is left alone. She seeks solace in the world, different countries. SRK could be a spirit who is seeking her but she cannot feel him around. But he is always following her wherever she goes just to check on her well being. Or may be he wants to communicate something to her which he couldn’t. May be it involves a ring? A proposal which he couldn’t make in time? May be he is seeking one final communication with her. Its all just may be…

But if any if this is true, it would be certainly a beautiful movie.

Lets wait and watch !!!

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