When Bollywood Inspired Hollywood…. !!!!!

When Bollywood Inspired Hollywood…. !!!!!

Bollywood have always been copying from Hollywood. But Bollywood was never behind in unique scripts. There are many Hollywood movies which have been inspired or copied from Indian cinema. Here, we present you some of the best :

  1. A Common Man(2013) – A Wednesday(2008)

       a wednesday

      A Common Man is not just inspired but is an official remake of this Neeraj Pandey’s masterpiece.


  1. Delivery Man(2013) – Vicky Donor(2012)

vicky donor

Well, Vince Vaughn’s sperm donations amounted to a total of 533 kids being born as compared to Ayyushman’s 53 (guess Vince is more fertile). But the basic idea of the film, sperm donation, has been inspired by Vicky Donor.


  1. Fear(1996) – Darr(1993)


Even the title was copied, translated to English right away. Shahrukh Khan, carving K-K-K-Kiran’s name on his chest has also been adapted by James Foley in his American thriller, Fear.


  1. Leap Year(2010) – Jab We Met(2007)

jab we met

One of the best, “Jab We Met”. The makers of Leap Year claim the movie was not inspired by Jab We Met.  Go ahead, watch it. Decide for yourself.


  1. Hitch(2005) – Choti Si Baat(1975)

     choti si baat

You may argue that Partner is copied from Hitch. Let’s face the truth here. Hitch itself was inspired by the plot of Chhoti Si Baat where a guy who fails to woo a girl takes help of a man who makes it his profession to help people with similar problems.


  1. Pearl Harbor(2001) – Sangam(1964)


The Plots of both movies are fairly similar. The only difference between the two movies was that Sangam had only one friend as a pilot whereas its Hollywood counterpart had both.


  1. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton(2004) – Rangeela(1995)


Best friend may not be a tapori, but the basic plot of the movie is “a girl caught in a love triangle between her best friend and a movie star.”


  1. Just Go With It(2011) – Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya(2004)

maine pyar kyu kia

Though both of them have been inspired from ‘Cactus Flower’, they still differ from the original considerably. But, the resemblance between ‘Just Go With It’ and ‘Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya’, however, is uncanny.

There are a lot more amazing Bollywood scripts which Hollywood couldn’t resist laying their hands on. Please comment your thoughts… We would love to know others as well…

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