X Men Apocalypse | Movie Review

X Men Apocalypse | Movie Review

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X Men Apocalypse
Mutant Overloaded


X-Men movies have always been a little inconsistent in terms of handling the huge list of characters and giving them sufficient depth. The new X-Men film, Apocalypse is not an exception. The Second trilogy/reboot of the X Men franchise by director Matthew Vaughn started off with a bang in X Men First Class, followed by director Brian Singer singer’s Days of Future Past, which was incoherent and Singer culminating it with even less worthy Apocalypse.

Having said that the movie has a stunning star cast as characters that people love, some funny lines, and superb action, which is worth the ticket.

The Plot

Following up from where the Days of Future Past ended, Prof. Charles is running his school of mutants when a cult of some evil worshippers raise a prehistoric mutant Apocalypse in Egypt who wants to destroy the world for a new beginning. Meanwhile Mystique who is considered as hero by many mutants around the world, is helping some mutants escape and preparing for war. Magneto who has left everything is starting a new life where turn of events make him join Apocalypse. Now there is a war between the kids who are learning to control their powers versus Apocalypse and his followers.

The Good

  1. It is always good to return to Xavier’s school and be introduced(re-introduced) to the mutants, like a young Jean, Scott, Nightcrawler, Beast.
  2. The action is long awaited but is worth all of it, final battle is well made and each of the mutant has a part in it.
  3. Quicksilver cameo from Days of Future Past is repeated but, it is never boring to watch him do what he does.
  4. The brilliant actors James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are always a treat to watch.

The Bad

  1. The plot itself is not good enough as it leaves so many questions unanswered, like Apocalypse origin, motive and the people who invoke him is all left open.
  2. The conflicts of the characters are the same old ones, Charles believes in hoping good in humanity, while Erik always thinks the opposite.
  3. The characters are too many and not much depth is provided unlike in the avengers films where each one has a role to play as well as a character well defined.
  4. Wolverine cameo doesn’t work at all, I mean it is all cheers, whistles, claps but really not even a single punchline, just claws.
  5. The antagonist is the weakest link who does not rise up to the challenge.

The Verdict

The result is a somewhat unsatisfying film experience that we do not accept from Marvel, the bar is raised high by each Disney/Marvel film which Fox owned characters have to live up to and have not been to the mark. Still it does have big budget action that will provide you the needed thrills.

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