The Zookeeper’s Wife | Movie Review | Jessica Chastain

The Zookeeper’s Wife | Movie Review | Jessica Chastain

The Zookeeper's Wife
Courage Under Seige


The Zookeeper’s Wife is a tale of extraordinary courage under the extreme terror of German invasion into Poland’s capital Warsaw.

The story is about the Zabinski family who is the care taker of the Warsaw Zoo, that inhabits a lot of incredible animals who are adored by Antonina (Jessica Chastain). And when the zoo is devastated by the Nazis the Zabinski couple turns into the messiah of the Jews living in the Ghetto, and provide shelter to them despite the brutalities and the danger of their own life.

This beautiful true story about the immense hope and humanity in face of unimaginable atrocities, is a must watch for everyone.

The film is shot beautifully with the tender moments of the animals captured artistically and the cruel Nazi reign shown ruthlessly. The camera does not shy away from showing the dreadfulness of war.

Jessica Chastain claims the complete film with her genuine talent of getting into the character of the soft hearted yet determined lady who wouldn’t give up on hope. At the same time Johan Heldenberg plays the silent flag bearer of the cause to save humanity under tremendous fear.

Even though the wrath of Nazis is shown full blown in the film yet it always has a ray of hope on the horizon that makes this film special.

Watch it to believe in humanity.

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