11.22.63 – Can you alter the past?

11.22.63 – Can you alter the past?

11.22.63 is the date that is not familiar to many of us living in India but it has great significance on US history , it was the day when John F Kennedy was shot dead. This TV series available also on netflix is a classic story about the events that lead to the assassination of the president and how one man goes back in time to change the history.

Set back in 1963 , the story will show you glimpse of 60’s USA. Noticeable and amiable performance by James Franco(famous for his role in 127 Hrs),George Mackay and Daniel Webber(who played Lee Harway Oswald the prime suspect in the Kennedy assassination). There would never be a dull moment in the series and each episode will force you to think of what would happen next.

The subtle cinematography makes it more interesting to look at and make the viewer believe that this is happening here right now. James plays Jake Epping an English teacher who goes back in time and started enjoying the life in the past. As the days come closer the task he had in his hand becomes difficult, what happens next is what you have to see for yourself and find.

Will he be able to make it and save Mr. Kennedy?? How would he achieve it? and what happens once he alter the past?
For all answers you don’t have to go to the cinema near you , just activate your netflix subsription and enjoy this thrilling ride to the 60’s.

4.5/5 for this thriller.

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