Adipurush Trailer is here. Is it better than the teaser ?

Adipurush Trailer is here. Is it better than the teaser ?

Adipurush – the epic retelling of the revered Ramayana went through a debacle when the teaser released last year panned with huge criticism due to bad VFX and some other creative choices.

With such a huge budget and cast and responsibility due to the sentimental value of the content with the majority of the country the makers decided to postpone the release from Jan 2023 to June 2023. The team, as rumored, worked on the critical areas and came up with a new trailer which promises both Prabhas’s charm and the epic’s core.

The VFX of the new trailer are definitely better than what was showcased in the teaser, however there is still divided opinion on the overall production given the budget of the film is now a mammoth 700cr. The portrayal of Raghav by Prabhas is going to be the most challenging since his persona and the tone of the performance is not aligned with the widely known story. Ram is known for his calmness and grounded presence. Prabhas is kind of channeling Bahubali in the trailer as well which might help the film as he has a huge fan base.

Kriti Sanon is not too convincing at this point in time as Sita. The only actor who has shown glimpse of marvel is Saif Ali Khan’s rendition of Lankesh. Saif as an actor has gone through incredible transformations and varied roles. It will be exciting to see him in this.

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