Arijit Singh apologizes to Salman Khan on Facebook | Why?? What Happened?? All you need to know!

Arijit Singh apologizes to Salman Khan on Facebook | Why?? What Happened?? All you need to know!

Arijit Singh’s abject public apology to Salman Khan on Facebook has left his fans shocked. The Bollywood singer wrote a post saying Salman felt insulted by something he had said at an awards’ night and he has been apologizing ever since.

What exactly happened?

Arijit, who has lent his voice to chart busters such as ‘Tum Hi Ho’ and ‘Agar Tum Saath Ho’, apologized and begged Salman to retain a song he has sung in the upcoming Sultan, “Please do not remove the song that I sang for you in Sultan… I want to retire with at least one song of you keeping in my library. Please do not take away this feeling.” He later deleted the post.

What led to this apology?

Sources said the incident dates back to 2014 when Arijit went up to receive an award in “Star Guid Award” from Salman Khan and Riteish Deshmukh. Arijit was badly dressed, and even wearing slippers to the show.

To this Salman Khan casually said, “You look sleepy”. Arijit in response to this told the duo, “Aap logon ne toh sula diya.” To that, Salman replied, “Aur isme humara koi dosh nahi hai, agar aise gaane bajte rahenge…” and hummed the tune of Arijit’s Tum Hi Ho. Below is the image from the incident.







What is Arijit saying about this?

Arijit is trying to justify his unprofessional attire in the awards night, the singer says, “I was overworked, was working in the studio from continuously 3 days and nights. I got a call from Mahesh Bhatt who insisted that I should attend the award night which I was not planning to. So I went unprepared to the awards, badly dressed and unshaved.”

He further says, “In fact I was so tired that I slept during the award show, and someone woke me up as the Best Singer awards declaration was coming up.”

He claims, “I bit my tongue as soon as I said that to Salman. I also whispered ‘Sorry’ to him as I realized instantly that I have insulted him. I also knew that he doesn’t take things lighlty and might react in a way he is doing now”


What has Salman to say about all this?

The Bajrangi Bhaijaan is all quiet and unavailable to comment on this controversy. Although his manager claims that all is well between the two and Salman is in no means in a revenge mode against Arijit Singh and it is not his choice whether to keep a song in a movie or not. The decision is taken by a team of experts and not Salman Khan alone.


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