Chhichore – Sushant Singh Rajput – Shraddha Kapoor – Nitesh Tiwari – Movie Review

Chhichore – Sushant Singh Rajput – Shraddha Kapoor – Nitesh Tiwari – Movie Review

Short Review First:

  • Chhichore is a movie which strikes all the chords right
  • Right blend of comedy and emotions plus it delivers an important message, makes it a wholesome watch.
  • This is a movie you can’t miss, after all it serves the purpose of sending you out of a cinema hall with a smile.

Detailed Reviews:

What’s Good:

1. Casting: The film does not rely on stardom of any specific actor. It has a brilliant amaglmation of actors of all kinds with each one of them having an important role and similar screen time. Yes it has Sushant Singh Rajput and Shraddha Kapoor and they are good, but this story is incomplete without the likes of Varun Sharma, Tahir Bhasin and even Prateik Babbar. 
2. Storytelling and Screenplay: Nitesh Tiwari with Dangal needs no introduction and his storytelling is as impeccable as in dangal. Especially when it comes to screenplay around sports he created the same magic again.
3. Length and No LOO Break: Although the first 30 minutes look a little stretched, but as the remaining story unfolds, your involvement as an movie goer will increase. At no point the movie loses its pace and seems boring. Better take a loo break before the movie or wait for the interval.
4. No inappropriate Songs: Songs are well placed, and don’t bore you out. There is a section of story stitched with each song that keeps the pace running and you will not feel that any song is out of place.

What’s bad

Well we call anything bad as such, but it is not a family film. As the title suggests it is a CHHICHORA movie. There is a very thin line which this movie manages to NOT cross else it would have become vulgar. But that said it is not a family movie
In addition to this, the story is something we have seen in the past through many other films, has a sense of predictability. Don’t go with a hope of watching something out of the box.

Overall, Storytelling and performances are the strongest part of the movie and makes it worth watching. 

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