Force 2 – Double the Impact?

Force 2 – Double the Impact?


The two things that stands out in the movie is the poster , which had a lot not to do with the actors in the movie and the next would be Tahir Raj Bhasin.¬† We have reached a stage of cinematic excellence where the roles are no longer defined as white or black but grey. Today’s Bad boy is more classy and has a style of his own. He is no longer bad looking or over the top as the villians we had in the past. He is one of us right from a mainstream middle class brad.

Tahir Raj Bhasin has shown a quality to be a promising new bad boy in the block. If you don’t remember him for his role in Mardani , he is again knocking at your doorsteps as Shiv Sharma. You would love the chase sequences in the movie and also the part where our villian was one step ahead of the RAW agent Sonakshi and Cop John.

They both were average as usual but the way the director introduced us to Shiv Sharma right at start of the movie made me feel cheated as a viewer but not for long as Shiv Sharma’s engrossing one liners and off course acting would¬† make you sit and make you think what would happen next? As our cinema has evolved so does the demand for a better negative character and Tahir does full justice to his role in Force 2.

Rest it is a fast track movie with few interesting moments , A one time watch just for the efforts of Mr. SHiv Sharma !!!

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