Game of Thrones Season 7 Death Predictions | Who might die next ?

Game of Thrones Season 7 Death Predictions | Who might die next ?

Here is our take on the Game of Thrones Season 7 death predictions. One of the defining characteristics of the series Game of Thrones, which turned it in such a huge phenomenon, is its unpredictability.

The characters, scenarios, plots, land, wind, everything is unpredictable and moves about in shades of gray. One of the ways unpredictability and unreliability is presented is in the form of grisly, gruesome and sudden deaths its characters meet. And we are not talking about the sidekicks only, its the major ones too.

So, here are our predictions on Game of Thrones Season 7 deaths, on who might die this season keeping in tradition with the GoT.

Petyr Baelish:

Probably the most slippery character of them all, Lord Baelish might see his luck run out for all the adventurism he has been up to. We believe it would happen in or around the Stark camp.

While he has been one of the few people who have pivoted story around, the larger changes in scenario might render his character’s days numbered.


Oh the mysterious red woman! She is an enigma and true to the class of the GoT, one of the grey characters.

Being ordered to ride South by Jon Snow, she might have something up her sleeve one last time before being downed. We believe that she might find some use in Danerys Targeryn camp before probably confronted by Lord Varys and meeting her end.

Ellaria Sand:

Killing Myrcella would prove to be her nemesis as she will finally be hounded by Cersei.

Ellaria Sand, and her killer daughters won’t find much place in the large scheme of things and finally might come around to be confronted by the Lannisters.


The Mountain:

Already a sort of zombie, Mountain we believe would survive till almost end of the season at which he would be either confronted by Ellaria and her family or the Hound to be finally killed.

And at that, he won’t go without a fight and inflicting serious damage to other characters in earlier episodes.

Olenna Tyrell:

Having her whole family vaporized by Cersei at the Sept, this old lady who has been ‘Good, Very Good’ won’t stop at anything to have Cersei’s head at her feet.

We believe that she would either be betrayed or find herself short of friends just at the moment when it would appear she has got it!


Tormund is going to be an important character in Jon Snow’s camp and the possibility of him hitting off with Brienne is not ruled out.

But very likely, in the tradition of GoT, where even the most important and almost there characters meet grisly deaths, he would die being upto something critical.

Theon Greyjoy:

Spending better part of the series as Reek, we believe that Theon Greyjoy’s troubles would be far from over.

He is in exile, and joined hands with the Mother of dragons, but that probably won’t stop him from landing in troubles with his uncle Euron, who has vowed to finish him and his sister.

Expected to die sometime in the second half of the series, and not in very good conditions!

Jorah Mormont:

It might look like he would spend his time dying, we believe that he has one final crucial role to play before he goes.

We have a hunch that he might be the one to help in getting materials to fight the death marching upto the wall.

Arya or Sansa:

This was tough. Really, really tough and we wish we could avoid it. But what’s GoT without a heartbreak or two in a season? As the series comes to a close, it is very possible that the Stark family sees one more grisly death.

Predicted in the last or the second last episode of the season, we might see that Starks have finally reunited but one of Sansa or Arya runs out of her luck. Sansa is out there plotting stuff and Arya is in the game of assassinations. Both are playing with fire and likely to meet their nemesis at the hands of in-numerous hands moving about the land.

Either of the Lannisters ?

Ah, you must be thinking THE Lannisters, at least one of them, isn’it? We believe that the Lannisters are few of most crucial to move around the story. Image a GoT season without a Cersei!

And to have that final, 8th season flourishing, we need them, very much. Thus, it is very possible that the trio of siblings survives this season too!

So, that’s what our predictions are. What are yours? Please let us know in comments below.

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