Most HATKE Villains of Bollywood !!

Most HATKE Villains of Bollywood !!

Cinema has been riding high on Villains. There have been movies since eternity which work wonders only because the villains have been exceptional in them. We take a look at few such HATKE Villains who are Legends in true sense.

Here is the list of our favorites:

Gabbar Singh

Talents: Ruthless, Uncompromising, Unrelenting.Master of Supply Chain, with constant supply of goods coming in from villages.Great Philosopher.
Interests: Love of Hippie music, dance and tobacco
Why on this list: He characterized the simple, nomadic dacoit who rose to great heights! Almost a hero!
Most famous dialogues: ‘Jo darr gaya. Wo marr gaya’!

Talents: Unflinching in Terrorist activities, creating horror,business in very costly antiques, evil-funny, funny-evil facial expressions.
Interests: Playing around with acid tanks, Messing around with ballistic missiles.
Why on this list:Master of comic strip style villains! He started a genre of villains which are remembered and played around till now!
Most famous dialogues: ‘Mogambo Khush hua’!

 Dr Dang
Talents: Master of terrorist activites, Maintaining a disciplined army,Ruthlessness oozing out of each expression.
Interests:Special affection with the jailor saab and his family, ruling over India.
Why on this list: Characterized a rare genre of villains typical to the nationlistic movies. Managed to be Fearsome and Loathesome both.
Most famous dialogue: ‘Is Thappad ki goonj suni tumne? Ab is goonj ki goonj tumhe sunai degi, jab tak zinda rahoge tab tak sunai degi.’

 Gulfam Hassan
Talents: Singer, plotter, plucking out lamb’s ear with one hand.
Interests: Friendship with ACP Rathod, nurturing wannabe Veerappans
Why on this list: Just inside of Kargil War, here emerges portrait of a smooth talking, lovable Pakistani who almost had every good guy had his luck not failed him.Echoed what many Indians felt was done to them.
Most famous dialogue: Actually Ghazal: Hoshwalon ko khabar kya

Talents: Daddy of all those wannabe Dons out there. Most polished of them. Classy, with Mona, Peter and Sona, all at his disposal.
Interests: Cigar, LED lit rooms, Helen’s dances and Gold.
Why on this list: The villain who had everything at his disposal, almost perfect life. And the template for villains for countless movies after him.
Most famous dialogue: ‘“Saara Shaher mujhe Lion ke naam se Janta hai’

Which one is your Favorite ??

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