Incredibly shot Bollywood Song Videos that broke the norms.

Incredibly shot Bollywood Song Videos that broke the norms.

The usual Bollywood songs are known for dance and masti only. Either you have a bunch of dancers following the footsteps of the lead pair, or you have an item dance where another star is roped in to promote the film, but all very clichéd.

Then there are sad songs with no dance but mostly sadness and tears with the leading pair apart describing longing and sorrows.

In all this pretty much predictable masala, at times comes in some fresh use of art and it comes as a nice surprise.

We are counting here a few of such videos that we thought were different in terms of the way they are choreographed that really broke the rules and gave the audience an interesting new take.

1. Naughty Naughty – Cash (2007)

Cash came in 2007 where the film definitely had some of its inspiration from Hollywood, the end credits song was a mish mash of Hindi and English. But the most interesting part of this promotional song was the way it was captured, with no cuts at all and all the stars of the film coming and going through a maze. Take a look

2. Raabta – Agent Vinod (2012)

Agent Vinod was a disaster in terms of earnings, the film was a real bad copy of Hollywood spy films however the songs did make some impact and the one which makes to this list is a version of Raabta (Phaili thi siyah raatein). Again a similar use of no cut in the frame technique, but this time the romantic song is totally contradicting with its narrative which is full of gun shots and a chase. Catch it here.

3. Alvida – D Day(2013)

The third and the final one that sums up this list is from the film D Day, this one will definitely shock you, ‘coz this one has its narrative traversing back in time. The song is Alvida in which Arjun Rampal’s character goes through the disastrous fate of Shruti Haasan. As he walks up the stairs and the horrifically raped and murdered girl’s pain is played as if it happens in front of him will definitely shock you as well as make you applaud the director’s way of bringing out the trauma. Watch it here


Do you think of any other such song that was shot beautifully breaking the norms let us know in comments.

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