Jai Gangajal Movie Review

Jai Gangajal Movie Review

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Jai Gangajal
Old wine yet Impacting


Prakash Jha is one of the few directors in Bollywood who have successfully raised social issues in cinema without losing the mainstream charm.
Gangajal released back in gained both critical and box office success. The sequel Jai Gangajal is made with essentially the same template butt still quite relevant.

The Plot

Lakhi Sarai is ruled by local MLA Bablu and his goons. The police is hand in glove with the powerful MLA. The SP who tries to work against them is transferred quickly. The minister appoints Abha Mathur thinking of her being a woman she’d stay out of the way of the MLA and they would be able to carry on easily. Little did he knew that’s the biggest mistake. Abha is anything but weak, she takes the charge but it’s not just the bad guys she has to deal with, she has the challenge within her own force as well.

The Good

  • Jha has an unmistakable grip on this subject. His setup is real, characters relatable and contemporary.
  • Priyanka Chopra as the SP is impressive and releasing the film around women’s day should make an impact, you’ll whistle as she beats and kicks the goons.
  • The dialogues are punchy and the soundtrack is ethnic that builds the atmosphere.
  • Every actor performs with honesty and are completely believable. Manav Kaul yet again impressed after Wazir.
  • The trump is the director himself who debuts in a role that is multilayered, and Jha is exceptional in it.

The Bad

  • Some over the top action sequences that seem out of place for such a real subject.
  • Priyanka Chopra s one dimensional character,  no other as aspect of her life is explored.

Though you wouldn’t complain much as this film engages you completely.

The Verdict

Even after so many years, listening about the farmers suicides makes the same plot relevant, contemporary and timely.
Jai Gangajal is a well made film that questions the system with an engaging story.

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