Jungle Book (Hindi) | Review

Jungle Book (Hindi) | Review


We have already reviewed the Jungle Book movie for the English Version. If the Hindi version of the movie needs a review it has to be EPIC. We will not focus on things like Story, Graphics etc. as all that has already been covered in our English version review –> Jungle Book (English) Review

We will talk about the dubbing in Hindi and the reason why you should watch it in HINDI as well.
Voice Overs:
KA, the Snake : Priyanka Chopra
“Akele ho Yahan”, the sensuous, hypnotizing voice of Priyanka Chopra spells its magic in the movie. It is most amazing dubbing we have ever heard in ages. And it manages to make us forget the English version done by Scarlett Johansson.

Sher Khan : Nana Patekar
Well, it is hard to imagine Sher Khan without Nana. We have grown up hearing that epic dubbing from the Jungle Book cartoon series in early 90s. Nana needs no special mention, he was epic and is still the same.

Baloo, the Bear : Irffan Khan
There is the lovable, fat Baloo who talks in a khata meetha Punjabi accent and calls Mowgli “puttar”. The English version has its own charm but Irfaan does tickle the funny bone with his amazing attempt of voice over. The idea is not to translate the dialogues in Hindi but give it a funny Indian touch, there are dialogues like “Kudiyan Dank Maarti hai” which are amazingly well timed and makes you go ROFL.

Bagheera : Om Puri.

Decent job done, not much over the English version to gain but he does enough justice to the role of a responsible panther.

Raksha, Wolf Mother: Shefali Shah sounds fair enough as a concerned mother.

The only bad part is that it does not have the epic ‘Chaddi’ song. We were sitting all ducks until the end of the post movie credits to listen to the song. But nothing.. anyways.. despite that disappointment, overall, it is MUST WATCH for everyone even if you have already watched the English Version of the movie. Go give it a try it is a once in lifetime experience.

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