What does the logo say? — “OK Jaanu” starring Shraddha and Aditya

What does the logo say? — “OK Jaanu” starring Shraddha and Aditya

So the suspense is clear for the first romantic flick of 2017. Its titled “OK Jaanu” featuring Shraddha Kapoor and her Aashiqi 2 co-star Aditya. We have th first look and Fillumdekho’s Sherlock view says :


The beautiful city view with a exotic and busy beach, suggests a foreign location of the shoot. Coming to the inside frame with a seemingly happy lead couple. The kiss is obstructed by girl’s hand, suggests some problem in relationship.

The name is written like a child’s drawing, with stars all around indicating night’s importance in the script. There is also a line in hindi which says “we will figure it out”. So, combining these hints we can predict that the couple have decided to move ahead with present relation amd enjoy life, leaving aside the thoughts of where the future holds for them.

The movie could have a live-in relationship of a couple, but due to some situation their things dont work out and they have to part their ways and pursue their life in different countries. We just hope that this again doesn’t turn out to be a typical bollywood melodramatic happy ending. Common bollywood, not always “and they lived happily ever after”, not the beginning of the year atleast.

There is one more thing we can see in poster, “madras talkies”. The movie could have been inspired from a South Indian flick. Lets see how correct our guesses go…

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