Movie Review | Brothers

Movie Review | Brothers

Brothers: A Melodramatic Waste of time

Rating: **

— Shefali Shah’s flawless acting.
— Training sequence wherein Akshay performed toughest exercise regimes all by himself.
— A few MMA sequences towards the end bring back memories of watching WWE.
Misses: Everything else.

Brothers is a story that revolves around 3 characters. David (Akshay Kumar), Monty(Sid Malhotra) and Gary(Jackie Shroff). David and Monty are sons of Gary. David being father’s favorite son due to their common interest in MMA fighting.

A typical family split happens in between and all start leading their separate lives. Gary is jailed due to certain crime he commits unwillingly,¬† David leaves Street Fighting to lead a normal life while Monty who wants to be father’s favorite son takes up street fighting in his absence and waits for his father to be back from jail to impress him further.
With predictable turn of events, towards the end David and Monty come face to face in professional fighting arena.
Brother’s plot is weak as it takes the age old ‘drunkard father, caring mother and 2 loving brothers’ concept and tries to mold it into the modern flavour.

Direction is poor for two reasons, one there was no creativity required with the story as this was a remake, but seems Karan Malhotra couldn’t handle the pressure of storytelling¬† and inculcated drama to the core of the movie. Second he was not able to make even 50% use of talented actors like Akshay, Shefali, Jackie, Ashutsoh Rana… what about Sid and Jacqualin (Naah not really actors).

Screenplay is ultra slow, with first half overly populated with drama and the ever useless Item song.. ‘Mera naam Mary hai’.. although Kareena looks stunning in the song, still the song is not required.
Second half picks pace as MMA training and fight sequences start pouring in. But as and when excitement starts to rush in, the climax is spoiled by typical family drama.

Overall, it is an avoidable movie, especially if you have watched “Warriors” already.

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