“PINK” the new “BLUE” ?

“PINK” the new “BLUE” ?

​Over the centuries , the civilizations have evolved and so does our acquaintance with colors. From lush GREEN forests to WHITE snowy mountains we had experienced them all.

Each color had its own significance and gave rise to various emotions in us, Early man did not have various shades of red or grey but did know colors from the fruit he/she ate.
But over a period of time one color found precedence in female wardrobe over the others “PINK” , When I think why it happened I can only think of the one reason “The emotions that came with it”.
It was the color of beauty, patience, persistence , emotions everything a woman has always been , As the society moved towards industrial revolution the color has exchanged hands and identities.
Boy was no longer associated with Blue and Girl no longer with Pink , PINK has made his way to a wardrobe of a Metro sexual male as well because he is no longer only about physical strength like he was

In the times of wars. The society was moving towards peace and sohaves the male population as well. Their female counterpart on the other hand become more demanding and independent.
(It was bound to happen with any group which has been oppressed with a period of time like blacks in western countries)  , I think the society demanded it from them and they responded.
For me that color still had its charm and a girl wearing a Pink gown is the classiest dress you will ever witness. I still remember when I asked decorator for a Pink balloon on my daughter’s birthday and he reminded me that
It was on minion theme so we would need white and blue balloons. I was all blushing with my obsession of associating color pink with females when I saw poster of movie “PINK” right out of the “BLUE”.
Amitabh Ji with 3 ladies with a background as gloomy and colorless , completely opposite to the title of the movie. Also a review of 4.5/5 and 9.1/10 on IMDB made matter worst for me. I was not able to decide if
This flick from director of Piku is really that good , I liked Piku so much that may be I will like this one as well. The movie is the talking point in my house and one day my sister who has a strange way of sending invitation frombookmyshow.com
It said “Aan Bhai , You are invited …. For Pink”..  The first two word were starkly opposite the last word of the sentence ,
I didn’t like wearing Pink since childhood because I was part of that 1% who still associate it to be a female color irrespective of what society and my wife believed.
The movie was over in a flash , just before my eyes I witnessed 2 hours of my life questioning 30 Years of my existence  , I didn’t had an answer but only a feeling that whatever I was thinking all those years was a lie or is it not?
Have I ever thought a girl I met in odd hours at road to be in danger or shameful? I was on the same road at the same road and danger from whom Me(The Male counterpart)?
Have I ever judged a girl character from her dress or if she goes to late night parties or if she drink/smoke? If yes , I am at loss because if I don’t drink/smoke or party hard I can’t prejudice against those who do and I wear shorts too
So that presumption goes out of the window.
Pink is not asking a question to an individual but to a society as a whole , The society that like to put labels on people according to what they think is incorrect or inappropriate. Do we still want our girls to be sitting at home so that we
Can live with pride and say I have a “Sanskari” Girl. What about girls like Sania,Saina and PV Sindhu shouldn’t we judge there character as well based on the length of the skirts they wear on court? What if they are wearing a same skirt to a club?.
Why can’t we just educate our boys to know that It’s not the length of the skirt that matters what matters is if she has the qualities womanhood is associated with.
Our boys are not the only one to blame about this though , The Pink has her faults as well. Her desire to compete with the Blue has made things worst. Pink was always the color more pure and powerful than Blue.
If you ever look at them together you will understand what I am saying. Competition is always between two who are equal you can’t degrade yourself to compete with someone who is trying hard to be like you.
Mother has always been superior to father , Father has his work cut out but he can’t compete with a mother. Mother earth has the role of nurturing and father the nature has been a provider.
If you try so hard to prove a point of equality you will ultimately loss your individuality. The creator has always been superior to a provider/sustainer and will always be.
We need to move up from this gender thing and realize we all have both male and female qualities which needs to be accepted and cherished. The another important thing that movie brought up is the question of “NO” ,
You need to realize that the word has a very strong meaning even so when you are wife is saying she is NOt ready for a child.  So you can’t say if she came to your room with you she is ready , even if she came with you with
That intention and changed her mind latter you still need to respect her thoughts.
Look at your workplace and around you , you will find Woman who are loud and dressed like a male they want to prove that they can compete in this organization but do they really need to? I am not against working woman
And I can’t be because I have all the female in my house working either at home or at multinational companies but I against the thought i.e. because of career growth Pink is becoming more and more like the Blue.
Equality has a very thin line that needs to be understood and if that line is crossed you are bound to have conflicts , conflicts which give rise to incidents like the one in the movie. Don’t drink to be cool , do it if you want to.
Being cool is the new motto after Salman Khan’s Being Human drive.
Blue has to understand the difference between a Yes and a No , Pink has to realize there are better things to look up to than Blue. Both have to celebrate their differences otherwise We will be in times where Pink will be A new Blue and Blue will struggle for his existence , Have you ever merged these two colors and see what you have?

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