Sarbjit Movie Review

Sarbjit Movie Review

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A take of struggle

Bollywood is churning out biopics of sports stars, heroes who took challenges in difficult times, Sarbjit isn’t one of those. Sarbjit is the story of the unfortunate man caught up in the political and regional hatred between two countries, and the destruction of a family that faces the unmeasurable disaster.

The Plot

It is also the story of the ordeal of a sister through the political, personal and social obstacles to get her brother his freedom.

The Good

  1. The story, which is a tremendous human journey, is the crux of the film, as it should be, the makers are successful in taking the viewer through the life and struggle of both Sarbjit as well as his family.
  2. The acting, superb performances by everyone involved with the movie, make the experience a lot more effective, be it Aishwarya Rai who sheds her beauty to play the part of the aging elder sister whose devotion for her brother is nothings less than that of a mother for her child, or Richa Chadha who plays the unfortunate wife of the ill-fated man. Each character comes as real as possible, also there is Darshan Kumar in a very special role.
  3. And then there is Randeep Huda, the man who transformed himself to play the part, but the transformation isn’t just physical, his mannerisms, voice modulation everything he does is from heart and it just touches you deeply. You will feel the pain of the confined man.
  4. Dialogues – some very fine lines are written for almost all the characters which give multiple messages across the borders.
  5. The songs are beautifully made and sung.

The Bad

  1. Well the film is a bit stretched and some cuts on a few scenes would have been a lot better.
  2. Aishwarya is a bit inconsistent in her character, we should still give her credit for taking such a challenging role and it’s the director who should have kept her dialect and delivery in check.
  3. The screenplay is a little confusing at times going back and forth, so the editing could have been better.

The Verdict

The devastating story of Sarbjit should evoke a lot of emotions In you, hate for Pakistan for keeping and torturing him for so long, love for the Pakistani people who supported him and helped him there. Pain for the innocent man and helplessness that you see today as well with the government.

Overall this isn’t a entertainment flick yet it is good cinema one that will shake you and make you better.

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