Super Commando Dhruv Movie | Who will play the main lead ?

Super Commando Dhruv Movie | Who will play the main lead ?

If a movie is made on the Raj Comics star then who should play the main lead from Bollywood?

Super Commando Dhruva is a fictional character, an Indian comic book superhero,who appears in comic books published by Raj Comics.

Super Commando Dhruv’s real name is Dhruv Mehta, is additionally referred to as Captain Dhruva by the cadets of his Commando Force.


Now if we have to cast someone in the role of Suoer Commando Dhruv movie from Bollywood then the following things needs to be taken care of:

  1. Super Commando Dhruv does not have an alter ego and does not hides his identity
  2. He does not have any superpowers but makes up for that with his fighting and martial art skills
  3. Super Commando Dhruv has lot of supporting characters.
  4. He is a leader and has formed a Commando force for himself.

Physical Attributes:

  • Age : 23yrs
  • Hairs : Black
  • Eyes : Black
  • Height : 6′
  • Weight : 78 kg

Considering all these traits and the popularity of the character amongst fans. Here is a list of possible Bollywood stars who can play Super Commando Dhruv:

Vidyut Jamwal as Super Commando Dhruv








Varun Dhawan as Super Commando Dhruv








Sushant Singh Rajput as Super Commando Dhruv









TigerShroff as Super Commando Dhruv








Sidharth Malhotra as Super Commando Dhruv


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