The Hateful Eight Movie Review

The Hateful Eight Movie Review

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The Hateful Eight
Tarantino's ensemble is killing again


The eighth film directed by the legendarily popular Director Quentin Tarantino is a notch above all the hype around it. Yes, unlike in Bollywood where insane amount of promotions leads to a dismal film rake in money, the Tarantino’s film of which the script was published on the internet way before filming began, is much more than what you expect.

The story of the film is about eight strangers who land up at a Haberdashery as they seek refuge from a blizzard. One of them is a bounty hunter John Ruth (Kurt Russel) taking an outlaw woman Daisy Domergue played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, to the Red Rock town to be hanged and take his reward. All the other characters have distinct identities and styles. The question is will they be able to pass the weather onslaught of snow successfully.

The story may be simple enough as most of the Tarantino’s films it is the treatment that makes it an amazing ride. Setup somewhere in the times of post civil war, the characters in the Hateful Eight are not beautiful, or well mannered but gritty, cruel and as insecure in an hostile environment as anyone would be.

The writing is impeccable as it traces the human nature with the harshness of the nature and getting together of different races under one roof. The dialogues are punchy and full of profanity as the master film maker’s other films. The situation is tensed yet there is plenty of dark humor that will make you smile.

The mix of the who done it and western genre makes the Hateful Eight one of a kind of cinema. The film is shot in the old format of 70mm and the cinematographer Robert Richardson has done a marvelous job in capturing the snow clad Wyoming mountains as well as the interiors of the shelter where most of the happenings take place.

Every actor in this film is just perfect for that character, Kurt Russel as the ‘Hangman’ a bounty hunter who does not kill his catch but makes sure they are given justice by hanging. Samuel L Jackson as the only black man through whom the film traces the racial relations during post civil war America is awesome you don’t want him to shut up as he delivers his lines with style.Jennifer Jason Leigh is the wicked outlaw who is just looking to get away from his captor. She is unrecognizable in the film. The film also stars Walton Goggins, Demián Bichir, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, and Bruce Dern in equally interesting characters.


The music is also one of the many high points of a Tarantino film and this one is not an exception. The soundtrack composed by the immensely talented oldman Ennio Morricone who has to his credit soundtracks for the westerners like the Good The Bad and the Ugly, has created such haunting tunes that will keep on playing in your mind long after the film is ended. He has already bagged the best soundtrack at the Golden Globes.

As much harsh the film is with its words like N****r and F**k, so is it with the graphic violence. You know that Tarantino doesn’t shy away from visual blood and gore and you will get its share here as well. Watch it if you can stomach that and you will surely have a hell lotta FUN!!!

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