The Revenant Movie Review

The Revenant Movie Review

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The Revenant
A tale of vengeance


The Revenant has been critically acclaimed worldwide and has also bagged numerous awards in various characters. The film finally arrived in India just before the Oscars. Based on a book by the same name which was inspired by the true events about the life of frontiers fur-trapper Hugh Glass. Michel Punke’s book The Revenant: A novel of revenge, was published in 2002.

Revenge is the purest for of emotion, any addition of sympathy will dilute one’s vengeance. This hate comes from the incredible amount of love that you have for your loved ones and when someone harms them they should be ready to bear your wrath.

The Plot

In an expedition for hunting Hugh Glass and his men are attacked by the native Americans and they escape with a little bunch of survivors. Hugh leads the troop for he is an experienced guide. While scouting around the camp he is badly mauled by a grizzly bear.

Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) left to look after him until the rest get help, kills is son and leaves him to die. A helpless man watches his teenage boy being killed, the grit makes Hugh forget his pain. He struggles with the nature and challenges the weather. The urge to take vengeance keeps him alive and he takes up the journey to return to the Fort. Will he be able to take his revenge?

The Good

  1. The story that resonates with any era, culture, part of the world, revenge is always the story that makes you connect.
  2. The cinematography, the mountains are snow covered but it is not beauty, it is the immense amount of power that nature has, that comes out on the screen. The river the forests, everything is captured in a way that showcases the reality of us humans at the pity of nature.
  3. The acting, both Leonardo Di’ Caprio and Tom Hardy are unrecognizable, with makeup as well as with the characters, you only see Hugh and Hawk.
  4. The direction by Alejandro G. Inarritu is out of this world, he takes you inside of that journey, through all the pains of the protagonist. You root for his survival, but at the same time you feel his physical turmoil, the brutal weather and the grit.
  5. The grizzly bear, though only for a few minutes it is on the screen but yet it is terrifying, all made by computer graphics, incredible.

The Bad

  1. The brutality is visual, this film does not shy away from blood and gore. So for the faint hearted this is not a movie to watch.

The film also makes you think that even after so much cruelty of the nature a man survives but is it really the nature that is brutal or is it the man who is much more vicious.

Catch the documentary on the making

Let’s hope Leo gets his due this time. Oscars 2016 tomorrow.

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