Why DeadPool is the Greatest SuperHero of All Time?

Why DeadPool is the Greatest SuperHero of All Time?

When you first watch a guy wearing a spiderman like dress the only thing that would come to your mind ,
is he really a superhero we asked for? Like he himself told us in the beginning of the first part that he is just the bad guy taking care(changed the word for the sanity of our readers) of the worst guys.

Comparing him with the likes of spiderman,hulk,iron man or any other marvel super heroes is not our intent , our intent is to declare him the winner with no comparison. Just like other super heroes who looked sophisticated and acted like one , DeadPool never give a damn. He was fighting cancer and that is when he got his super powers , the powers that were not welcomed by him at the start but soon he embraced this change with zero fuss. He is one super hero who is more human than super human which still make him feel love.

He is that kind of hero who would not leave his enemies because he is generous or want to be one , he kills them not because he thinks world would be a better place without them but because he thinks they deserve it. how many super heroes think like he does and act like he does , like him covering his face with white sheet just so he could sound serious.

Most of all he doesn’t want to be a superhero but he become one for the lady he loved , his enemies are not some big shot guys with the gadgets but the people who created him, he is also one of mutant x men but refused to join them just because he thinks that is the only way he likes it, responsibilities like any other super hero is not a burden on him. He is one such powerful human being who would keep coming back at the enemy. He is not here to save the world from a major catastrophe but he is here to punish the worst guys and have fun in the process.

He is one such super hero that is loved not for his great looks but for his gift of the gabs. Now when the first part is over he is coming back in the second to save a mutant kid but from whom? Just like any other super hero who have purpose he seems to have none. His life has been turned around by the events not in his control but he made choices after that for him and the person he loved , why he is the greatest super hero then?

May be because he don’t give a damn of who is the greatest of them all !!!!

Deadpool 2 in theatres near you,experience the real super hero of all times !!!

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