Baaghi Movie Review

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Action Galore


Director Sabbir Khan introduced Tiger Shroff in his last outing Heropanti, and Bollywood got its version of MJ and Bruce Lee amalgamation, the duo Tiger idalizes. A hero whose looks were a little criticized but also his action and dance were totally appreciated by the youngsters.

In Baaghi Sabbir Khan takes his skills to a new level and presents an Indian version of Karate Kid and The Raid mixed with a Bollywood tadka.

No of course this is a no brainer film and it is not claiming to be the critic favoring well acted and story centric film, its USP is action and that is just out of the world.

The Plot

Ronnie who is an aimless youth runs into Sia and falls in love, but also there is Raghav the baddie who also wants Sia. Raghav kidnaps Sia and Ronnie has to come to rescue..

The Good

  1. Tiger Shroff, who is just amazing in the action sequences, this boy is redefining action in Bollywood and he has a good screen presence.
  2. The locales, be it Thailand or Kerela the cinematography is quite beautiful. Also the action sequences are captured well.
  3. The action, that is the heart of the film and Baaghi will surely click with action fans.
  4. A little bit action from Shraddha Kapoor is well done, we wish she did more.
  5. Sudhir Babu as the main villain is superb, wish his character had some more layers.

The Bad

  1. There isn’t much of a story here, the sequences either result into fight or are just fights.
  2. The comedy track is forced in and derails the happenings.
  3. Acting is also not a focus.
  4. Even the music of the film is not up to the mark,

The Verdict

This is one of the rare Hindi films that focuses into Marshal Arts, and Akshay and JAjay Devgn’s legacy seems to be followed by Tiger. The action is brutal as it was in The Raid and Tiger Shroff just shines in them. This might not be a wholesome entertainer, but the action lovers who grew up on Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Jet li etc. will rejoice someone matching their shoes from Bollywood. Go if you are an action fan and you’ll not be disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Baaghi Movie Review

  1. Many of the people doesn’t know the fact that it’s a remake of Telugu hit film “Varsham”, which also was inspired from 80’s hindi film “Tezaab”. 🙂

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