Fast and Furious 8 | What we know so far ?

Fast and Furious 8 | What we know so far ?

Title and Release Date: The movie is being titled “Fast 8” and would release on  April 14 2017. Almost one year to go and we just can’t wait for this, seems like ages since the last version was out.









Villain: Charlize Theron has been confirmed as the new villain, her character will be named ‘Cipher’. It is the first time a female villain would haunt our fast and furious team, and who better than the HOT Charlize Theron to dawn the role. Below is the still from the movie which is in Production. Theron does look amazingly hot. The story is not very clear at this moment, but the evil goddess does look on top of her role, and would give all other villains from the past a run for their money.






Location: The main location will be New York City and some action takes place in CUBA. The team did upload the video on the twitter account from one of the shoots in Cuba. Below is the link:


We would surely miss our beloved ‘Paul Walker’, but the cast still looks promising with ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Jhonson continuing his contribution to the series and the team is all set to rock again.


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