Focus Movie Review

Focus is all about Will Smith and his charm and it never loses focus from it. A con movie wrapped around romance is fun with quirky twists, and great chemistry between the lead pair (includes Margot Robbie).
A seasoned conman Nicky (Will Smith) meets a wannabe con girl Jess (Margot Robbie) who first tries to play him, but fails. She meets him again and impresses and asks him to be her mentor. He likes her and takes her as an intern on his grifting program, introduces her to his team and also develops feelings for her. She learns quickly and reciprocates the romantic feelings. They do their business in New Orleans and as it is with every con artist they can’t trust each other and part their ways post an interesting sequence around football.
Three years later they meet again around a motorsport business in Buenos Aires and this time as well they are attracted to each other, now the question is whether it is real or are they trying to con each other.
The movie has engaging cons but the problem that I had with the whole thing is that it was pretty convenient all the time. It’s like Nicky is invincible and he kind of never fails, so the direction is okay. The cast is competent and you will find the couple’s chemistry interesting.
I also didn’t like much of the cinematography as I felt that the frames could have been a lot better with the locations it had.
It is a treat for Will Smith fans who liked him in movies like Hitch. But its’ not for the ones who like his action roles. The man is in full control and as mentioned earlier the movie is all about him.
Verdict: One time watch

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