Gabbar is back: Movie review

Gabbar is Back: Vigilante de India!
Rating: **1/2

A classic negative character revisited with a social drama twist and given a positive shade, that is what the makers of Gabbar have tried to do. Though it wouldn’t have mattered even a bit if the name was different, apart from the unusual references to the legendary dialogues, as the team that gave us the 2012 superhit Rowdy Rathod is back with a similar design – over the top action, clap and whistle worthy dialogues, a bit of comedy, an overacting villain and some gaana-shaana.

The movie starts with kidnappings of some corrupt government officials and the police receiving a message in a CD form Gabbar that is distributed to media and goes viral on the social platforms too. The proceedings create havoc when one of them is found dead along with proofs of his bad deeds (corruption). Gabbar is someone who has a past tragedy that has turned him against the rotten system of the country. There are several such instances that take place in the film until the protagonist finally gets his revenge, but not before channeling the youth towards fighting mode against the corruption.

The movie tried to marry Rang De Basanti with Rowdy Rathod but fails miserably as none of the characters take shape apart from Gabbar.

Gabbar is back portrays everyone in a very clichéd manner. The government officials are bad. The police are just too corrupt and dumb to even think of any idea to find that man, except a constable driver who really tries but is snubbed most of the times by his seniors. And there is one CBI officer played by the competent Jaideep Ahlavat, but the character is one of the dumbest CBI officers in the history of Indian cinema ever presented, what a waste.

The kind of phenomena that Gabbar tries to create does work in bits and pieces like the hospital scene is good but the exaggeration just kills the joy of novelty.

There is a lack of cohesiveness in the overall screenplay of the movie. Akshay Kumar does a great job in lifting the movie on his shoulders. Shruti Haasan’s character is just half baked and is lost somewhere in between.

The antagonist played by Suman Talwar is just too bad and he tries to do a Prakash Raj but you know no one can match the legendary actor in over the top but enjoyable acts.

The songs are just speed breakers except for teri meri kahaani.

The only other person who shines in this movie apart from lead actor is Sunil Grover who plays the smart constable.

Gabbar is for Akshay Kumar fans who enjoy him delivering heavy dialogues and kicking ass of bad guys.

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