Baddie once, baddie again..some of the greatest repeat Hollywood offenders!

Baddie once, baddie again..some of the greatest repeat Hollywood offenders!

While our previous article covered the Best ever villains in Bollywood, today we would talk about the best Four great villains players in Hollywood. The best of Hollywood Villains.
When it comes to the villain in Hollywood, there has been such a range played many great actors, that it is difficult to sit down and make any kind of list.
Spanning the whole range of human and non-human depravities, sometimes also fighting those very depravities, sometime in between, the villain in Hollywood has been probably at least as important as a hero.
So, here we celebrate four actors whose repeated portrayals of villains were so iconic that they often overshadowed the heroes.
The criteria we chose here was villainy in at least a franchise or more than one movie.We are looking for repeat offenders after all! Here you go ;).

Ralph Fiennes
Played the very despicable Amon Goeth in Schindler’s list, who killed people at whim. Fiery eyes and mercurial temperament, he would take out people for breakfast. Loathsome yes, fearsome very much!
Later in 2000s, played a completely remorseless, hateful and exquisitely evil Lord Voldemort and re-repeated the performance in Harry Potter Series.
A whole generation grew up watching this very fearsome wizard. No one else could have played it better imho!

Sir Anthony Hopkins
3 One of the Best Actors Hollywood has ever produced,Anthony Hopkins stands on his own in any type of ‘greats’ list.No doubt, the profession of playing villainy also benefited from him!
Here we mention him because of his singularly surgically evil, heartless portrayal of Dr Hannibal Lecter in the Hannibal movies.
An intelligent and patient cannibal, Dr Lecter was nothing short of a nightmare. One of the most terrifying villains, he could make you squirm with that gaze.

Hugo Weaving
5  The ruthless and thoroughly professional Agent Smith in the Matrix Trilogy, Hugo Weaving looked so completely in his character. So much so that one might not be surprised to find him similar in real life too!Good guys managed to get that same quality on their side in LOTR and the Hobbit series.
But the evils come back to have him as the megalomaniac Red Skull in Captain America- The First Avenger.And the shouts of Heil Hydra! boomed around before he was stopped short by Captain America.
We hope to see more of him keep the flag of villainy high! 😉

Alan Rickman
8A very underrated actor who could be have been provided better opportunities, Alan Rickman is known best as Severus Snape in the Harry Potter series.While Snape’s character was shadiest in the franchise, topped up by his killing of Dumbledore, just in very last pages/scenes, he redeems himself.
That doesn’t wash out the disgust and dislike he garnered over a decade and no one could have been better at that.
But much before that, he was the thorough and hateful villain Hans Gruber in the Die Hard movie, who only gets stopped by the as crazy John McClane. Seeing that performance, you would think why didn’t we see more of him in Hollywood between Die Hard and Harry Potter Series?
So, these were our actors playing multi-baddies, the best of Hollywood Villains. There would be a some of them who might have been missed. Do let us know in the comments below!

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