Movie Review | Everest

Movie Review | Everest

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An Atmospheric Adventure

Climbing a mountain is not an easy hobby and if that mountain is Everest then the hobby might become the last thing you do alive. Despite its share of tortures and extreme conditions adventure seekers have been continuously trying to conquer this natural marvel. And hence has prospered an industry of Adventure consultants who train, guide and help you fulfill you dream of literally reach on the top of the world.

Everest is a movie that is partly a documentary about the 1996 events with Rob Hall an adventure consultant from New Zealand and his crew encountered, and partly a disaster movie that is setup against mountaineering.

The movie follows the crew from Kathmandu, Nepal through the base camps, where they train on acclimatizing their bodies of the high altitude weather conditions, to the climb where they meet with one of the fiercest blizzards, lack of oxygen and numerous other challenges that threaten the survival and the crazy human spirit that helps them keep going.

The group of climbers includes a rival consultant Scott Fischer (Jake Gyllenhaal), Beck Weathers (Josh Brolin), Japanese climber Yasuko Namba (Naoko Mori), a postman-wannabe-adventurer Doug (John Hawkes), and a bunch of others are on the hell ride due to the storm and who survives and who perish is the question.

The movie from time to time takes you back home as the climbers connect with their family via satellite phones, Rob has a pregnant wife (Kiera Knightley) who is waiting for him, Beck has a wife and two kinds who await his safe arrival, the families does give the human drama in the movie a firm ground as well as it provides the climbers zeal for survival.

The movie is fantastically shot, the brilliant cinematography clubbed along with CGI puts you right in the middle of the storm and the sound design, clubbed with the AC in the theater will definitely give you some shivers. The acting of all the actors is competent and the snow struck make ups of the climbers are just brutal.

Director Baltasar Kormákur is successful in making a movie that works technically as well as story wise. it may not be the over the top disaster movie but it is a human drama that is superbly combined with the hellish mountaineering adventure. If you are looking for a grueling experience with emotional punch go for this one.

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