Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 Movie Review

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 Movie Review

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Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2
Funny sequel not for feminists


The 2011 film Pyaar Ka Punchnama that became a cult among the youth in the metros was a take on today’s love from male point of view and the sequel is not so different. The film is born of misogynic thought process but is definitely hilarious. If you are a feminist then you must stay away from this film, or watch it only if you can keep your feminist hat outside the theater and if you do enjoy sharing sexist jokes on whatsapp chances are you might end up liking the film.

The storyline is similar to the previous outing where a group of three bachelors live their life partying all the time and pulling each other’s leg sharing an apartment. Till the point they fall in love with three different women, who have only one similarity, all three are just selfish and mean who are friends with them ‘coz they need a driver, ATM and bodyguard and in a boyfriend they get all for free. Pyaar ka punchnama 2 also presents men like dogs and you will hear puppy whine in the background all the time as they are being USED by their girlfriends.

Contrary to popular sentiments the film is pitches the anti feminist emotion so the rest of the movie goes on with gags where the men are presented as victims and the women are just pain in their lives.

The plotline is very thin and it is difficult to carry it on as a full fledged film so here the credit should be given to the writer-director Luv Ranjan to carry on the film smoothly from one gag to another and without losing the audience attention.

The three lead actors do a decent job as young profession cum manipulated boyfriends. However, Kartik Aaryan does shine as the most genuine one with another superb monologue whine similar to the prequel. The girls look pretty and have not much of scope to do anything else.

The music by Toshi-Sharib, Luv Ranjan, Clinton Cerejo and Hitesh Sonik is perfect and the song placement is such that you wouldn’t feel a break in narrative. The dialogues are the real power of this film, though full of expletives but also pack good humorous punches that take the movie forward.

The boy’s chemistry is something that every youngster would relate with that will earn the bucks for this flick. With no other major release this week Pyaar ka punchnama 2 will definitely throw a good punch.

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