The Devil Is Back Daredevil 2

The Devil Is Back Daredevil 2

On one hand where Marvel’s two super heroes Captain America And Iron Man are about to collide in a big screen battle in Civil War along with more than half a dozen other avengers, on the small screen we are about to see a different kind of fight of ideologies of street side superheroes, Daredevil and The Punisher.

After the successful first season that opened up the space of streaming services for superhero genre, on Netflix, Daredevil will return 25th February. And since the streaming service is available in India now we will be able to watch it first hand.

Charlie Cox will reprise the character of the blind lawyer of Hell’s Kitchen, Matt Murdock.

Jon Bernthal will star as Punisher. And we will also see Elektra. In one scene a cop says Hell’s Kitchen is about to explode and it sure does. Looks like a promising second season and we just can’t wait.


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