Deadpool Movie Review

Deadpool Movie Review

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Merc With A Mouth


Deadpool is not just another run of the mill superhero movie. It does have the characteristics though but still it isn’t all the same. First of all it isn’t a kid’s film, the movie is rated R in the west and even after seven cuts it is rated A in India. It is also not a ‘the world is going to end’ so it needs saving by the protagonist movie.

Deadpool is a self aware comic book film where director Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds have collaborated and made it an unapologetic fun ride. The protagonist is throughout the movie interacting with the audience as the film is narrated by him. He takes jibes on anything and everything in the comic book universe and talks, gestures and does a lot of sex.

Wade Wilson is a merc with a mouth, who as explained by him is the bad guy who kills worst guys for money. He meets a stripper and falls in love with him, when his world is turned upside down as he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. He is offered to be take a chance on an experiment which can cure his illness that he takes.

The experiment does make him super powerful but the painful procedure makes him super ugly as well. Now he is on the way to wage war and kill the man who did this to him.

Pretty straight forward but what makes this film interesting is the unconventional take on the super hero journey. This is not a morally upright good guy who is using his power to save the world, but this is a selfish, brutal and very funny super human who is out there to take revenge.

The action set pieces are superbly crafted and the violence is just gruesome. Deadpool makes fun of the studio, the X Men franchise, wolverine, and what not. But that is all acceptable as he takes on his last outing as a super hero in DC’s Green Lantern. The director also starts off by calling himself as an overpaid tool in the opening title sequence.

There are also two X Men who collaborate with him, Colossus and Negasonic. And also there is the Indian Cabbie whose interactions with the Masked Man will make you smile. Altogether it is a superfun watch and rewatch as you’ll surely miss some of the jokes due to the speed with which they are thrown at you.

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